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Refratechnik Cement is the heart of Refratechnik group, founded in 1950, and a leading manufacturer of intelligent refractory technology for worldwide markets, based in Göttingen-Germany.

Refratechnik has more than 60 years of experience in this field, high quality products, a large number of international partners and networks who consider Refratechnik Cement as a cornerstone in the market, In Addition to being a global market leader for high-grade refractory linings for clinker production lines in the cement industry, and a reliable partner in the lime industry.
The international success achieved thus far will continue to grow in the future, as the path to success in tomorrow’s markets has already been set.

Refratechnik has many headquarters around the world, including: USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Hungary and, of course, China.

Refratechnik Cement products:
Refratechnik is committed to success; therefore, high quality refractory products have been developed, this includes:
  • Shaped refractory products:
  • Basic bricks and magnesia chrome bricks
  • High grade magnesia spinel bricks (chrome ore free)
  • Special magnesia spinel bricks with unique thermo mechanical resistance
  • Special magnesia spinel bricks with increased thermochemical resistance (for the use of AFR)
  • High alumina bricks and fireclay bricks
  • Special alkali resistant high alumina bricks (SiC-containing)
  • High alumina bricks for special application
  • Refractory concretes:
  • Low Cement castables (LCC)
  • No cement castables (EasyDry)
  • Alkali resistant castables with extremely high thermochemical resistance
  • Dry gunning castables
  • Special dense gunning castables (LCG)
  • Wet gunning castables (JETCAST®)
  • REFRALITE® light-weight insulating castables
  • REFRA-Block line
Sweidan Industrial Services and Refratechnik Cement has signed a service contract agreement in order to enhance further their mutual success in providing our esteemed customers with the best refractory services and ensure that the maximum efficiency and effectiveness are applied in meeting their needs.

As a consequence of this agreement, Sweidan Industrial Services in collaboration with Refratechnik are pleased to offer their customers in the region the advantage of having immediate refractory quantities for the plant’s emergency cases, which are currently kept as emergency stock in Sweidan’s Riyadh warehouse.

In addition, Sweidan and Refratechnik are extending their superior capability to cover the service field; Service contracts and cooperate supply agreements for a designed package of commercial and technical benefits that are carefully selected and combined to enhance the supply chain cycle of refractories and all its related services. These contracts have been extended to the customers in the region in the aim of maintaining excellent refractory delivery, handling, installation, performance, and life time.

Refratechnik and Sweidan Industrial Services' collaboration, in addition to the local warehouse in Saudi Arabia, the team of our refractory supervisors, and service contracts, were established to serve our customers best, and to expand our supplier/customer relationship through excellent customer care.

For more information, please visit our partners' website : www.refra.com